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Quisqueya (pronounced Kiskeya) is the aborigine name for the Caribbean island of Santo Domingo, from where our roots origins emanate. It was a name given by our Taino ancestors which means Mother of all Lands, at the first arrival to American ground of Christopher Columbus. We started this great project on June 2007, and it’s been an escalating experience ever since. We started servicing mostly the local Hispanic community of Dover, but we currently have customers that come as far as from New York City, seeking our unique talents.

The main goal we have always set ourselves, is to provide our customers not only with the most innovating haircut trends and styling services the industry has to offer, but also with the absolute highest levels of professionalism and customer relations skills possible. With pleasant conversations and a relaxing atmosphere, you’ll enjoy every aspect of your next visit, when you come to Quisqueya Barber Shop, Here the haircut is really just the beginning.

Many of the chains of haircut shops simply strive to get people in and out as quickly as possible to expand their profits from day to day. At Quisqueya Barber Shop, we are focused not only on providing you with the absolute best haircut, but also making sure you have a pleasant experience every time you visit. We take the time necessary to offer all our clientele the attention to detail and all the little extras we can deliver.


From the comfortable barber chairs to the top quality hair care products, which are used and highly recommended, Quisqueya provides only the best to our clients. The barbers will be happy to give you tips or advice on taking care of your hair to keep it looking healthy and strong. Whether that means suggesting specific products or helping you to choose a new hairstyle, we have your back!!

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